20 January 2009

A Glorious Day

I must depart from the normal today. It is a glorious day, Barack Obama has ascended to the presidency of the United States. It is a day I could never imagine in my lifetime, a black American has become president. It is wonderful, it is glorious, it is historic. I cannot know what kind of President he will be but the fact he was elected signifies so much. There IS hope for America that all that is good about the US can return. I will not dwell on the Bush years and the deceptions and mistakes. Today, more than any time in many years I am proud of my American heritage, I was actually close to tears. God Bless Barack Obama and God Bless the United States.

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  1. I too like Barack Obama and I hope that not only does he get re-elected but the Dems take control of Congress and keep control of the Senate.

    Why did you choose Rosario as opposed to Buenos Aires or one of the "Barios"? of Buenos Aires? Do you own or rent? Is it difficult to buy in Argentina with US dollars?

    US citizen - thinking of relocating to Argentina