16 January 2009


For better or worse I have chosen to live in Rosario Argentina. The "purpose" of this blog is to share with you the life of an expat. As this is the first posting I will introduce myself. I am retired and a US citizen. I had the privilege of traveling throughout Europe, South America and North America for my work and I came to "know" and appreciate other cultures. At retirement I realized I enjoyed the lifestyle (i.e. pace of life) more in other countries than in my own. So I took the leap and moved to Argentina.

This was not completely a leap into the abyss. I had visited Argentina perhaps 15 or 20 times over the previous 4-5 years and I had many friends there, both from work and outside work. I did my homework before leaving (see future posts) and thought I was more or less prepared. One reason I am writing this blog is because one is NEVER 100% prepared and maybe my experiences can help someone else. The other reason is to give my Expat's view on what is going on in Rosario and Argentina.

I have no real desire to give up and return to the US (I have lived in Rosario for 4 1/2 years now) although I do like to go back once a year to visit family. At the same time there are always circumstances beyond one's control that might force me to go back, so I keep my options open.


  1. Gracias Pablo ... I can only hope to write something interesting from time to time. My fear is that my rants will overtake my raves jaja. Un abrazo. Mark