27 January 2009

Roses and Thorns

A Rose to the City Government for implementing a new NO PARKING zone in the micro center. This area is too congested and the streets too narrow to accommodate cars, busses, parking and double parking.

A Thorn to the City Government for implementing a new NO PARKING zone. Where the heck am I supposed to park? The Estacionamentos are surely going to hike the prices a lot because of the lack of parking. Another Rose to the City if they enforce a price cap.

A Thorn to the City Government for the new property tax increases. Everything is going up (except the official inflation rate) so an increase in taxes is to be expected but some people are facing an increase of more than 1000%. A little more investigation might have caused the city to gradually increase these property taxes.

A Really poisonous excruciatingly painful Thorn to the Newell's Barra Brava. These scum tried to rip apart the home site of the club, stealing important papers and threatening everyone with guns, knives and baseball bats. Families with small children were at the club trying to enjoy the day and they too were threatened. At least the police arrived in time to arrest 19 of the 40 mierdas. These extortionists are pure garbage and I hope the new Directors of the club can find a way to get rid of them for good (that's impossible I know). If they do I will become a socio, I promise.

A Rose to the street sweepers of Rosario. These guys are out in all kinds of weather cleaning the street gutters and making the streets a bit nicer. Hats off to them. Yes, it could be done much more efficiently but this method employs people in a useful manner.

A Thorn to the national government for again raising the price of cigarettes, now up to 4.75 pesos a pack (around U$1.30).


  1. You know, on the tax increase I have to say that, if adjustments had been done gradually over time, people would be paying the same amount as they're going to have to pay now. Only they would've been paying higher and higher amounts for a long time. That is, instead of paying 20, 20, 20, 20, 20, 20, 20, 20, ... 500 pesos they would've been paying 20, 27, 40, 60, 100, 150, 220, 350 ... 500 pesos. Of course, the psychological impact of a sudden increase can't be overestimated. On that (and possibly only that) respect I think the municipality made a huge mistake, whose consequences they'll notice soon enough.

  2. Well, I really hope you don't have to use our healthcare system anytime soon. You will be in for a nice surprise. The incompetence at all levels of doctors, nurses and technicians plus our horrible infrastructure are a NIGHTMARE. Good luck and after traveling trough USA and Europe, I do not understand how can you be living in our city/country. I cannot wait to get out.

  3. Recuerde: "Lo barato sale caro."

  4. Sergio: conozco el sistema de salud. En lo único que acertaste es en la infraestructura (y hasta por ahí nomás, lo peor es la hotelería en los hospitales, realmente mala). Por lo demás, la mayoría de los médicos están entrenados en su profesión y saben lo que hacen. Me parece bien que te vayas. Hay que buscar el lugar en el mundo que te venga bien.
    Juan Pablo