16 January 2009

What's so good about Rosario and Argentina?

Top things about Rosario and Argentina. Obviously there are many more than this but these are some of the things that come readily to mind.

  • NO HipHop/Rap ... NO backwards baseball caps ... NO baggy pants ... NO pants below your butt.
  • It is inexpensive. The first time I came to Argentina it was the most expensive country in the world. Now thanks to the IMF and corrupt Argentine politicians it is one of the cheapest.

  • The People. I have travelled all over and nowhere (except maybe Mexico) are the people so open and friendly. All the men look like Antonio Banderas and the women, especially in Rosario, are the most beautiful in the world.

  • The Food / Wine. I love meat and pasta so here I have died and gone to heaven. The restaurants are fantastic and the meat is fantastic. Argentine wines, especially Malbecs, are excellent as well. Don't get me started on media lunas, alfajores, empanadas or choripan.

  • The slower life style. While at times it can be frustrating you learn to go with the flow. You can't believe how much time you will spend in endless lines from the bank to the supermarket. Overall the gentler pace is very agreeable. Besides without this slower pace you wouldn't have all day asados.

  • River Plate. Years ago in the US, thanks to Fox Sports, I became a huge fan of River Plate and even though we finished last for the first time in history in this clausura we are still the Mas Grande.

  • The Natural Beauty of the country. Argentina has magnificent scenery. Every type of formation is here; mountains, rivers, lakes, deserts, glaciars, the worlds largest falls.

  • Golf. One of my top reasons for moving here and I have not been disappointed. Golf is great in Argentina


  1. coll man i moving too.next year...saludos

  2. Hello there, Your move sounds brilliant!

    I'd be really keen to get in touch via email as my boyfriend and I are looking possibly to move to Rosario this October - we're in Brazil at the moment. Be great to pick your brains - Jamie is golf lover too - he misses his golfing buddies loads!

    Clare - clarebearwalker@yahoo.co.uk