29 January 2009

Stupid Americans, Stupid Argentinos

I saw two things in La Capital today that really ticked me off. OK there is always a lot in the news to be ticked off at but these two really got to me because they show stupidity can be found in both of the countries I love.

First, An American couple, living near Miami, paid U$S 155,000 to clone their dog!!!! These idiots have more money than brains. Imagine how many kids could be fed for this amount of money. No wonder the world thinks so lowly of Americans. This really disgusts me. I lost my dog after 12 years and I cried for days afterwards but I would never, for an instant, thinking of doing something this stupid.

Second, Except for being a great futbol player, Diego Maradona has been a disaster. Now he compounds his errors by giving wholehearted support to the Dictatorship of Hugo Chavez, the Clown of Caracas. Diego, por favor, coach our national team and get the hell out of international politics, of which you know absolutely nothing.


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  2. Hugo is a democratically elected leader

  3. Mark, I was wondering if you would be interested in meeting with Yanqui Mike. He has been reelected to Chair Democrats Abroad Argentina and he is visiting Rosario to meet with other Expats on the 17th.

    Let me know if you would be interested.

    Nice blog by the way. I just found it today.

  4. Hey Mark how are u? Well first of all, let me tell u that i'm really hapy that a gringo well educated as your self. picked a country so nice and special like argentina to spend some time.And not to mention ROSARIO, the best city of the world.
    I'm an argentinian,(rosarino)too.But the spins of the life made me be a US resident and a proud parent/family guy.I live in las vegas.(yeahh baby) not really.I'll always miss my city, and i would'nt change it for nothing.ROSARIO RULES.
    I've read all your post, and i agree with everything so far. lucky you that u are retired , 'cause if i have a really good job, or some cash coming from the states every month, there is not doubt that i'll be there.I envy you in a good way.If u need anything at all, do not hesitate, please feel free of contact me.I still have all my family there and my friends. my mail is totirman@hotmail.com. well that's it, good luck.eat a carlitos or torpedo in peatonal cordoba on my name.that will make me happy.see ya.
    pd: sorry for my poor english.(i'wil' be better}

  5. Hey mark, I'm at the Holiday INN (just ask for me, I don't want to post my rm number) until May...up for some golf or a beer at O'Connels?..thanx again for the ride home from RGC...Dave Wells

  6. Take it from a Rosarino: This city is the biggest piece of garbage there is. Crime is out of control, healthcare is awful, education non-existent and most people have two-faces.
    Argentina in general will chew you up and spit you without mercy. You still probably don't understand because you are a foreigner, but eventually you'll see what I mean.
    At least you have a choice. Best of luck. Sergio

  7. Since it is the early worm that gets eaten by the bird, sleep late.............................................

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